Driveway Alarm

Solar Driveway Alarm

Solar Driveway Alarm
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Driveway Alarm

Best Selling Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm for the following reasons:

1) Ease of installation.  It takes 10 minutes to install this driveway alert system.

2) No False Alarms.  Since the driveway transmitter will only send a signal when it senses a metal object there are no false alarms caused by animals or wind.

3) Expandability.  You can add as many receivers (sound boxes STI-34104) to the system as you want.  You can also have  up to 4 driveway transmitters (STI-34151) in the system  and program each to make a different sound so you can determine which  area a vehicle has passed by.

4) Warranty.  A no hassle 1 year manufacturer's exchange warranty.

5) Transmission Distance.  The sensor may be placed as far as 1000 feet from the receiver in your home.

6) Reliability.  High quality of manufacturing workmanship.

Best Selling Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Alarm for 7 Years.

Previously manufactured by Design Tech.  Now manufactured by STI.

NO FALSE ALARMS caused by wind, animals or weather conditions. Metal sensing technology will ONLY signal when a vehicle enters your driveway. 


This Solar Powered Wireless Driveway Monitor (uses 2 'AA' NiMH rechargeable batteries included) sends a wireless signal to your home to alert you when a vehicle enters your driveway. The receiver in your home chimes and the ALERT light flashes red until reset.  The driveway sensor uses a patented magnetometer sensor system. Movement of any large metallic (iron or steel) object close to the driveway sensor will cause the sensor to transmit to the receiver.  The sensor may be placed as far as 1000 feet from the receiver in your home.  Additional sensors may be required for driveways exceeding 12 feet wide or to monitor an additional driveway.


  •   • Will not be triggered by animals, people or shadows.
  •   • Weather resistant, solar powered sensor mounts next to your driveway.
  •   • Receiver plugs into a standard electrical outlet.
  •   • Easy installation. No difficult underground wiring.
  •   • Operates with a maximum of 1000 feet between sensor and receiver.
  •   • Additional Driveway Monitors, Motion Alert sensors or receivers available to cover      multiple areas and to expand your system.
  •   • Additional sensor will produce a different chime from the receiver when triggered.
  •   • After activation, there is a 10 to 15 second delay for the unit to reset before the next      vehicle will be detected.
  •   • Can be set to low, medium or high sensitivity level (factory default is high).
  •   • Wireless frequency is 433 MHz.
  •   • One (1) year warranty from the date of original purchase.
  •   • Maximum optimal range for vehicle detection is 12 feet. Additional monitors may be      required for driveways exceeding range.
  •   • Includes 2 mounting kits for driveway transmitter.  1) Ground stake for level ground and      2) Vertical mounting bracket for easy installation on a wall, post or any vertical surface.

    Driveway Alarm Transmitter, Solar Powered